The Community Festival Chorale

Shirley Faulkner, conductor - Davis Dorrough, accompanist





“Comfort Ye My People”

Warren Harper, tenor

"Every Valley Shall Be Exalted”

Warren Harper, tenor

"And the Glory of the Lord”

"Thus Saith the Lord”

Bruce Shaver, bass

“But Who May Abide?”

Deanna Flanders, soprano

"And He Shall Purify”

"Behold a Virgin Shall Conceive”

Carolyn McWilliams, alto

"O Thou That Tellest Good Tidings to Zion”
Carolyn McWilliams, alto

“For Behold, Darkness Shall Cover the Earth”

Sandy McGregor, bass

"For Unto Us a Child is Born”

“Pastoral Symphony”


"There Were Shepherds Abiding in the Field”
“And Lo! The Angel of the Lord Came Upon Them”
"And the Angel Said Unto Them”
"And Suddenly There Was with the Angel"
Annie Stiritz, soprano

"Glory to God”

“Rejoice Greatly, O Daughter of Zion”

Emily Molitar, soprano

“He Shall Feed His Flock/Come Unto Him”
Beckie Tyson, alto - Gladys Birmingham-Norwood, soprano

“His Yoke is Easy and His Burden is Light”




The Community Festival Chorale


Alina DeLong, Deanna Flanders, JoAnn Hutchinson
Wendy Loveland, Wanda Malnar, Kelli Mayer
Emory Tyson Molitor, Gladys Burmingham-Norwood
Flora Owens, Mary Ellen Reid, Mildred Smith
Annie Stiritz, Jan Welch, Sandy Wright

Barbara Boeh, Robelyn Ebron, Sabra Ferguson
Carol Grimmer, Glenda Hannon, Cynthia Henderson
Dixie Jackson, Carolyn McWilliams, Danica Mudrinich
Kelly Standridge, Anna Stiritz, Michael Stiritz
Willie Ann Thomas, Beckie Tyson, Ginnie Tyson, Jo Wise

Dale Boeh, Warren Morril Harper, Jeanne Kierre
Sergio Picado, Van A. Tyson

Mike Brickels, Brian Faulkner, Sandy McGregor
Phillip Schwerin, Bruce Shaver, Joseph Simmons
Jim Stephens, Hans Stiritz



Rachel Froberg, violin
Diana Brown, violin
William Streegle, violin
Annie Greenaway, violin
Melanie Morse, violin
Louis Weedman, violin
Lauren Bartshe, viola
Kevin Peek, cello
Victoria Gammill, cello
Andrew Stinson, bass
Bill Parton, trumpet
Phillip Parker, timpani



Special Thanks

First United Methodist Church for this venue in which to rehearse and perform..

David Simpson and Thomas Richardson for serving as our audio and video technicians.

The UPS Store for our programs and posters.

Dr. Karen Griebling of Hendrix College and Israel Getzov of UCA for helping secure our string players.